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The offers on this page are free. The first 3 are for everyone. Below them are items specific to business partners or cofounders. Please take as many of the first 5 as you’d like.

These skills are about relationships with others that make life better for you:



  • MP3 I interview with Noah Alper – founder of Noah’s Bagels and Bread and Circus about the wisdom of having a partnership agreement even with a family member.


The following 5 items are free to coaching clients included in their package.

If you prefer to do-it-yourself without a coach, email Dr.Lehavi to discuss the possibility and arrange to pay.

  • Choose the right partner – The Guide for Choosing the Right Business Partner


  • Business Partnership Agreement Template A must have to build a strong foundation for your business and solidify your relationship


  • What Ifs Scenario Handbook   Prepare in advance of the unexpected crisis


  • 7Cs


  • Joint Venture Partner Agreement Template

No matter how successful you are things can be better.

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business partnership essentials book download chapter

Where should we send your FREE Chapter of the Business Partnership Agreement Template?

Dear Dr. Lehavi:

I just completed your book on “Business Partnership Essentials: A Step-by-Step Action Plan for Succeeding in Business With a Partner”. Your book is a must read for anyone thinking about going into a business partnership, and it’s a must read for existing partners who want to maintain good partnership relations. The book is also a good manual for lawyers who want a roadmap and checklist for advising partnership clients on how to keep a good partnership going and how to look for signs that indicate that something may be wrong.

Thank you for sharing. I have already recommended your book to two people. More recommendations are forthcoming.


Demetri Chambers, Esq.

Dr. Lehavi's book Joy Breaks