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Coaching / Consulting with Dr. Dorene Lehavi

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  • You are business partners at any stage of partnership or pre-partnership.
  • Your initial goals have been achieved but you are experiencing confusion about what next.
  • You are dealing with an unexpected crisis or need to talk about an exit strategy

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Whether things are brand new, on the road, or in danger of dissolving, Dr. Dorene Lehavi can help! Engage Dorene to facilitate difficult conversations, ask insightful questions, implement strategy, and guide you through successful negotiations with your business partner.

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To be decided between you and Dr. Lehavi, depending on number of partners and your need. Call 323-931-7204 or email Dr. Dorene Lehavi at info@bizpartnerpro.com for details.

The return on investment from one-on-one coaching with the expertise of Dr. Lehavi always results in an increase in the bottom line.

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“I really admire Dr. Lehavi’s work and see her as a master of working with partnerships. She truly understands how to help partnerships navigate through tough times and point them in a positive direction.”

Gary B. Henson, President, BusinessCoach.com

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 “As the ‘other partner’ in the firm, I came to coaching with a healthy skepticism. After all, we’d been in business for a long time, we had enjoyed a measure of success, and we’d kept a good marriage good, too. What could coaching possibly add? Well, here’s what Dr. Lehavi’s extraordinary coaching gave us:

  • A level of professional communication between us that never existed before and that has made our day-to-day work more effective, more efficient, and far more enjoyable.

  • A new Company Profile that is, by far, the best description of the firm, and the best sales piece for the firm, we’ve ever generated

  • A positive attitude about the value of our work and our professional stature, which we simply would not have discovered without coaching.

Dr. Lehavi has been positive, intelligent, thoughtful, and supportive. My skepticism has been supplanted by an enormous measure of respect and admiration. I cannot recommend this coach strongly enough.

David Hamlin, Weisman Hamlin Public Relations

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“We are so grateful to have met Dr. Lehavi! In contemplating incorporating into our business a key team member who could possibly help bring our vision to life, we were faced with a challenge due to different personality traits and weren’t sure how well this person would fit in our circle. Dr. Lehavi was able to guide us through smoothly with her coaching skills and experience, helping bring clarity. Besides being an exemplary coach, her warmth and kind spirit made everyone present feel at ease creating a safe environment for all involved. Working with Dr. Lehavi is one of the best decisions we have made!”

Delamor Management

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“I called Dr. Lehavi after struggling internally for over a year with business management and partnership issues. Calling Dr. Lehavi was my last effort to make things work with my partner. In a just a few sessions, she had my partner and I talking openly about harboring issues and working toward real solutions. Dr. Lehavi is a true professional when it comes to dealing with partners at odds with each other. She made it very clear from the outset that she would not take sides or discuss partnership issues without all parties present. This is truly important when the issues between partners are becoming personal. She was very careful to not let discussions turn to placing blame and kept us focused on how we could turn things around and how to work together effectively. I would recommend Dr. Lehavi as a counselor for business partners at any time in their relationship and, even more important, before they become partners. My partner and I could have saved a lot of time and energy over the years had we talked with Dr. Lehavi sooner and understood her principals of working with a partner.”

Ryan Cady – Co-Owner, SockGuy

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