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Is Your Business Partnership in Danger? 2 Questions to Ask

Is Your Business Partnership in Danger? 2 Questions to Ask

If you want to know if your business is in danger, ask yourself two questions:

1) Is there something I avoid speaking to my partner about because it feels too painful, annoying, or confrontational?

2) Is there anything I suspect that my partner is avoiding bringing up for one of those same reasons?

When disagreements have reached the stage of an ongoing conflict, emotions have taken over. At this point, neither partner is thinking clearly or speaking truthfully about the original problem. It becomes all about winning. How useful is that to the success of your business partnership relationship?

You can win the battle and lose a whole lot more. Unresolved conflict becomes a nail in the coffin of your business partnership. Though you may end up in court and even “win”, you often lose in life. 

Even if a conflict doesn’t reach this dramatic, costly finale, living with conflict is an unhappy, unhealthy situation. Not only does it cause you misery, but it is contagious. Employees, clients, and family members feel the tension. They may take sides without knowing the details.
Even if you never break up and go out of business, there is no way it can function well in these circumstances.

When you take an honest look at the answers to those questions, consider if the help from a business partnership coach would help you.