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Webster’s Dictionary’s definition of transparency: Able to see through to the other side, without guile or concealment, open, frank, candid.

Lately, the word has been bantered around the political and corporate arenas, where promises of transparency don’t appear to actually take hold.  All would agree that in marriages, transparency between spouses is a good idea.  In fact, there is no place for concealment between spouses or between business partners.  Too much is at stake in those relationships when secrets are held.

Transparency refers not only to the dark secrets we tend not to want to share, but it also requires opening up our true feelings to ourselves first.  Often we prefer to hide them in order to avoid “confronting” them, even privately with ourselves. Transparency also means being able to listen, with respect and trust so that others can be open and honest in return.

However, being open and honest with others does require that we are first completely honest with ourselves.  This may not be as easy as it sounds yet dishonesty or coverups can be extremely damaging to a business partnership or any relationship for that matter.

Feelings of resentment over something kept hidden can eventually take on astronomical proportions.  Usually, one partner is angered or even just annoyed by something the other partner does or doesn’t do.  Rather than discussing it openly and honestly, it goes unaddressed, avoided, and swept under the rug.  Over time, the resentment grows, compounded by subsequent conflicts.  Despite efforts to avoid confrontation, the ever growing resentment can result in a serious blowup as partners, are no longer able to hide their feelings.  Partners may at this point find themselves in court with a broken business, broken spirit and major losses.

Stop the downward spiral by improving your communication skills. Make having transparent conversations a regular practice of your partnership relationship which will result in a more successful business and a happier relationship between partners.

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