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Jumpstart Sessions

Do you JUMP out of bed every morning eager to get to the job you love,
or is it a drag because you hate it?

Start the day with enthusiasm and a smile!

Contact me at dl@dorenelehaviphd.com
with Jumpstart in the subject line.

Do yourself a favor and design the life you love. Don’t waste another precious day dampening your spirit and being less than you are.  Jump out of bed with a smile in the morning and enjoy the whole day!  The 3 part Jumpstart Session will be transforming and you will be amazed at yourself.  

The 3 part life transforming Jumpstart Session is designed to take you on a journey to a place that you didn’t dream you could go.  

This Jumpstart Session will take you out of the drudgery of the job that dampens your spirit to the excitement of new possibilities. 

Discover facets about yourself you didn’t know you had or you may have forgotten when you replaced them with “the job of necessity”.

Jumpstart Session will remove you from the drudgery of your job to an excitement for new possibilities.  We will strategize together on how to get what you want.

Results and BENEFITS

My clients experiences are transformational.  Your family and friends will notice the changes in you.  You will feel better, smile more, grow in self-esteem, have more fun, and see more and more new possibilities.


Most people know Dorene as the Business Partnership Coach, author of  Business Partnership Essentials: A Step-by-Step Action Plan For Succeeding In Business With a Partner.  Prior to coaching, she had a psychotherapy practice.  She began her coaching business, some 25 years ago, finding your dream career was her focus. 

For her clients who wanted to love their jobs and careers she wrote the popular workbook 
Stop Doing What You Hate  
Start Doing What You Love.

Dorene’s commitment is to help people discover the uniqueness of who they are and find ways to live happily as themselves…not in someone else’s idea or dream.  

Contact Dorene at dl@dorenelehaviphd.com with Jumpstart in the subject line.

Here is How the Jumpstart Session Works

The Jumpstart Session includes:

  • 2 full hours of Dorene’s complete attention and expertise (a $700 value).
  • Materials including her workbook Stop Doing What You Hate  Start Doing What You Love (a $29 value).
  • A special card packet designed to cover the many facets of you (a $15 value).

(Mailed at no additional cost within the US and Canada.)



The reintroduction price of these sessions is $500, a savings of $200.

The session takes place in person, on Skype or by phone.

HOW TO APPLY:  Email me directly at dl@dorenelehaviphd.com.   IMPORTANT!  PUT Jumpstart in the subject line and let me know you are interested.  We will set up a get to know each other phone session and if we both decide the Jumpstart Session is right for you, you will receive an application and we’ll move ahead.

Here are some client testimonials:

“With the help of her workbook, Stop Doing What You Hate, Start Doing What You Love, Dorene has shown me a new level of appreciation of my skills, talents and values which easily adapt to my new chosen direction. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate her work. I recommend her without reservation and urge everyone who wants to step up to their next level, to call her.”

– Judge Rodney Warren, Esq.




I’m running out to vacation. FUN! FUN! FUN! When I first called Dorene, I knew I needed help with my work life. Little did I realize the positive impact that call would have on my whole life. At the time I was working all the time, never said no to my boss, took few vacations and the pre-vacation wrap-up was so stressful that it wasn’t worth the vacation. My family life suffered and I had no personal time. With Dorene’s guidance, I dug deep to identify the source of my work problems, identifying clear objectives and acting on achieving them. My whole life is better. I think the bottom line for me is that I respect myself more. ”

– Kay Humes


“Dorene’s insightful questions helped me realize that my priorities were actually different than what I had been telling myself. This provided a foundation for continued self realization and a more successful career than I had enjoyed prior to my work with her.”

– Paul Hempel, Esq.



Most people know Dorene as the business partnership coach, author of  Business Partnership Essentials: A Step-by-Step Action Plan For Succeeding In Business With a Partner but when she began her coaching business, career coaching was her focus. At that time she wrote the popular workbook Stop Doing What You Hate, Start Doing What You Love, which she used in workshops and with her private clients. Both books are available at Amazon.com.  

Dorene continues to be available for coaching business owners solo and in partnerships. 

To learn more about Dorene visit http://www.dorenelehavi.com