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  • You are a solo-entrepreneur, business partnership or decision maker   in a larger organization
  • You would like to have your own experienced trusted confidante and sounding board who sees your blind spots and blocks that keep you stuck
  • Your initial goals have been achieved but you are not quite sure about what next
  • You could use help focusing and staying on track
  • You need help to improve your communication skills
  • Improve time management and have a more balanced life
  • Reduce or eliminate unnecessary stress


  • You need help choosing the right business partner
  • Solidifying the foundation of your partnership
  • Your partnership relationship needs rescuing
  • Calling it quits? Do it amicably


You and Dorene together will design a program that is uniquely suited to your needs and desires.

It can be lonely at the top. You are expected to have the answers and while at times you feel unsure about your decisions. Dorene as your mentor, helps you see the blocks you cannot see yourself because you are in the middle of the situation. She will guide you to see new options, opportunities and strategies you haven’t seen before.

Whether things are brand new, well on the way, or in danger of dissolving, Dr. Dorene Lehavi can help! Engage Dorene to facilitate difficult conversations, gain new levels of insight, implement strategy, and teach you new communication skills.


To be decided between you and Dorene, depending on your need and if in a partnership, the number of partners. If you live in the Los Angeles area, we can meet in person. Anywhere else in the world, we will meet on the phone or use other technology such as FaceTime.

Call 323-931-7204 or email Dr. Dorene Lehavi at lehavi@earthlink.net for a complimentary no obligation consultation.

WHAT CLIENTS SAY ABOUT DORENE (more on testimonial page)

“Dorene’s insightful questions helped me realize that my priorities were actually different than what I had been telling myself. This provided a foundation for continued self realization and a more successful career than I had enjoyed prior to my work with her.”

Paul Hempel, Esq.
Waltham, MA

“We could not have had as much success as we’ve had without your sage and loving counsel.  Thank you again and again.”

Sydney Weisman and David Hamlin
Principals, Weisman Hamlin Public Relations

“Dorene is a very insightful listener. Her coaching has helped me find the courage and honesty to see who I am, to acknowledge my accomplishments, and to understand the source of my insecurities. Thanks to Dorene, I am overcoming my fears and have begun building a sound financial strategy for living the kind of life my family and I deserve.”

Cenmar Fuertes, Founder & President
Sparkle, LLC

“Dr. Lehavi helped me clarify each step in the decision making process beginning with whether or not to start a new business to choosing a compatible partner. She cuts to the chase, simplifying what seems complex, making it obvious what needs to be done.”

Pauline Raschella, Pres.,
Raschella Collection

Dorene’s skill is very unique. She is able to address concerns in a partnership that are unknown to the partners themselves, and provides a structured roadmap to navigate the various obstacles that exist to a thriving partnership. She stresses that her client is the business, which is the exact approach that we appreciated in her working with us. On a scale of 1 to 10, we started at a 1-2, and within a few months, she raised us to a 6-7. She is invested in our success and we are very grateful that we found her!

 2 Los Angeles Lawyers

“When I first called Dorene, I knew I needed help with my work life. Little did I realize the positive impact that call would have on my whole life. At the time I was working all the time, never said no to my boss. I took few vacations and often, the pre-vacation wrap-up was so stressful that it almost wasn’t worth the vacation. My family life suffered and I had no personal time. With Dorene’s guidance, I dug deep to identify the source of my work problems. We then worked on identifying clear objectives and acting on achieving those objectives. I won’t say it was easy. It was difficult to admit my role in my problems. It was scary to act on correcting them. The liberation of making the change is worth it. My whole life is better. I think the bottom line for me is that I respect myself more.”


No matter how successful you are things can be better.

Let’s talk about it.

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Where should we send your FREE Chapter of the Business Partnership Agreement Template?

Dear Dr. Lehavi:

I just completed your book on “Business Partnership Essentials: A Step-by-Step Action Plan for Succeeding in Business With a Partner”. Your book is a must read for anyone thinking about going into a business partnership, and it’s a must read for existing partners who want to maintain good partnership relations. The book is also a good manual for lawyers who want a roadmap and checklist for advising partnership clients on how to keep a good partnership going and how to look for signs that indicate that something may be wrong.

Thank you for sharing. I have already recommended your book to two people. More recommendations are forthcoming.


Demetri Chambers, Esq.

Dr. Lehavi's book Joy Breaks