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Joint Ventures Are Powerful – When Done Right

The Joint Venture Partnership Agreement and Audio is a shortcut to helping you avoid those potential pitfalls!

This is the only total comprehensive step by step audio guide process on how to have the right conversations that create winning joint ventures! Included in this package is a twenty four page Joint Venture agreement (template) that can be used for many partnerships.

What’s Inside For YOU: 

  • Get clarity if you are even the ‘right’ partners for each other
  • Become very clear on how the specifics of how the joint venture will work
  • Who is responsible for what actions
  • Eliminate misunderstandings and assumptions (this is a biggie)
  • Become very clear on who owns the products (this may seem obvious but you would be surprised what happens IF there isn’t very specific details discussed)
  • Who is putting in what
  • When the JV ends who owns what
  • And much, much more!