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Taglines and Elevator Speeches: A Pox on Them

Taglines and Elevator Speeches:  A Pox on Them

Most business people who do any networking have the task of crafting a tag line or elevator speech. I never met anyone who loved it, but most accept it as necessary. Some businesses lend themselves easier than others to get at least the essence of what they do across in 30 seconds.

My experience throughout the years with tag lines and elevator speeches has been frustrating enough that often I ignored trying. Explaining what I do is challenging even over a leisurely cup of coffee.

This past year I thought I finally got it. I Rescue Business Partners.
Short, says a big part of what I do and everyone I say it to asks a follow up question, which is great!

However, rescuing is only a part of what I do and focuses only on partnerships in trouble. It doesn’t relate to the partners I help choose each other or the ones that I guide to set up best practices that will ensure a strong and sustainable partnership or joint venture.

So I decided to change once again and my new well earned tag line is: I am The Business Partnership and Joint Venture Expert. I would love to hear your thoughts about your own tagline challenges.

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Wishing you success and easily formulated taglines.