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Take a Different View of the Conference Table

Take a Different View of the Conference Table

For a moment, picture a conference table where two new business partners are sitting on opposite sides discussing their roles in the business.  They are making important decisions about the operations of the business, as well as about how expenses and profits will be divided.  The discussion is about them — what they’re putting in, what they’re getting back.

Now change the seating arrangement. Now, the partners are sitting next to each other and opposite them is the business. From this vantage point, they can look at what the business needs are in order to fulfill the vision they have of it.  The discussion and decision making focuses on what needs there are to operationalize areas such as finance, technology, production, sales and marketing.  They decide who will be responsible for operating each functional area of the business.

This sitting arrangement is much more conducive to what is needed to succeed than the first scenario.

The business owners become successful by cutting their personal gain aside in favor of what must be done, without counting hours and minutes of who is doing more. It goes a long way to making the partnership and business work well.   The goal is a well-run profitable business and the partners are there to make it happen.  Trust, mutual respect and ongoing communication are essential keys. This can easily happen when you take a different viewpoint of the conference table.