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Every business coach comes from a different background, has a different area of expertise and a different personality and coaching style. My background comes from two places – my family history of entrepreneurs and my years of experience as a psychotherapist.

Added to these are my more than 20 years of coaching clients to achieve higher levels of success in life, career, and business.

All of this adds up to what I do best for you as your coach. 

I listen deeply and hear things you say when you don’t realize you are saying them.  I mirror them back to you and ask more questions that have you saying, “I never thought of that”. I help you see that no matter what your level of success, there is more for you. 

I am devoted to seeing that you get there, wherever you define “there” to be. And if you aren’t sure, I will help you clarify that.

We agree at the outset to be honest with each other. I will point things out and ask you to stretch sometimes beyond your comfort zone, but never to somewhere that makes no sense to you.

Based on my education and experience, I am a relationship expert. All business is about relationships whether it’s your partner, customer, employee or the myriad of others associated with your business and personal life. We will look closely at those relationships and I’ll give you the tools you need to improve communication with your customers, your employees and everyone else related to your business. These skills will permeate your life and improve it everywhere.

Sometimes “lonely at the top”, you will have access to me as your sounding board, cheerleader, silent partner, the one who sees your blind spots, anxieties and the stories you tell yourself that block you from moving ahead. Together we reveal options you didn’t know you had. You will decide on the goals you want to achieve, we will build a strategy and I will hold you accountable.

If you’d like to we’ll explore areas of potential and dreams you’ve had, but never looked at closely. Do you think about succession and what you will do when you retire? Will you leave a legacy that you feel good about?

If a business partnership is on your plate, I can guide you through the process of choosing the right one, help you build a strong foundation, rescue yours if it’s on the brink and facilitate the difficult conversations you can’t have on your own.

If we are a good match, we can look forward to a relationship that is fulfilling for both or all of us, if you are a partnership or other construct of people working together who want more.

Together we will design the program you want based entirely on your uniqueness and desires. Any information about you or your business I hold in strict confidence. I will not accept a new client who is a competitor of an existing client.

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